THEERPPU Box Office Collection Day 1, Day Wise, Opening Day

THEERPPU Box Office Collection Day 1: Friends, recently Vijay Prithviraj Sukumaran’s new film Theerppu has been released, it has been released in theaters i.e. today or there has been trouble. The box office collection report of the first day of the film has come out, so in today’s article we will talk about Theerppu Box Office Collection Day 2, Theerppu Day 2 Box Office Collection.

Day WiseBox Office Collection
Day 1 [First Day]Rs. 0.50 Crore
TotalRs. 0.50 Crore

THEERPPU Day 1 Box Office Collection

You stay with our article and read it completely, you are going to know all this information and you will know how much earning in Theerppu malayalam movie from all over the world in the first day. Friends, there is a Theerppu movie made by ratheesh ambat, which is a very good movie, movies are being seen in this movie like prithiviraj sukumaran, indrajith sukumaran etc.

THEERPPU Box Office Collection Day 1

Who is a very famous and successful actor and one, his fan following on social media is very high and is very much loved by many people and take inspiration, tell friends, the craze and hype of Theerppu 2022 movie before the release of friends. He was at the next level in the language, due to which the opening that this film has got at the box office is very spectacular.

THEERPPU Box Office Collection First Day

But friends, the way the hype of the movie was made, it has not come out the same way, and when this film was released in theatres, the review of this film was not so great. Although this film has been released in Hindi today but on the first day Theerppu Movie Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bangla has been released in all the movie theaters in all these languages.

THEERPPU First Day Box Office Collection

Friends, if we talk about the second day’s box office collection of Theerppu movie, then before that we know the budget of Theerppu movie, friends, the cost and budget of this film has been around 15-20 crores and the promotion cost of Theerppu movie is around ₹0.15 crore i.e. the total budget of the movie has been 15-20 crores.

THEERPPU Opening Day Box Office Collection

Collected the information related to this movie, now friends you know how much Theerppu movie earned in the first day of box office collection Theerppu movie has earned 50 lakh rupees in the first day of its box office collection, friends where friends like their first It has earned about 50 lakhs in a day, in a Malayalam film which is a drama thriller movie, friends, drama Silky Combination is a very good combination or if people like it very much, if you like the film along with the drama then you remove the film.

THEERPPU Box Office Collection Report

Can you do it or I am going to like you very much, have worked very hard in making this film, they do not want at all whether the film becomes a flop, does it still become a hit and entertain people, people enjoy watching Theerppu malayalam 2022 movie. And you people will definitely like this film, the director who has made the film is ratheesh ambat, he is a very good director.

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