Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th March 2023 Written Update

Manveer tells Angad that she completely knows his anguish and rage.

Angad does not turn around because he is in too much anguish and is suffocating within his chest from having married the girl he despises the most.

Manveer, on the other hand, advises him to utilize his rage towards Sahiba as a weapon, as anybody in his position would have felt the same way.

Sahiba, on the other hand, informs Ajeet that they cannot forsake Seerat since she is a member of their family.

Ajeet denies it, but Sahiba vows she will find out where Seerat is.

Meanwhile, Angad is getting ready to go to bed when he hears a tap on his door.

Jasleen welcomes him and informs him that Sahiba is nowhere to be found, infuriating Angad at the mention of Sahiba.

What happened to Sahiba so late at night?

Is Garry planning on leaving Seerat and returning to Brar Mansion as well?

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