SAMAIRA Box Office Collection Day 1, Report, Budget

You guys say friends, everything is fine, I hope everything will be fine, in today’s article we have brought you Samaira box office collection day 1, Samaira day 1 box office collection report and along with it we You will also know many information related to this film whether you should watch Samaira movie or not. Box office collection of Samaira movie says or what is the budget of the film, will the film be a hit or a flop friends, more time will come, let’s start.

Day WiseBox Office Collection
Day 1 [First Day]Rs. 0.25 Cr
TotalRs. 0.25 Cr

Samaira Day 1 Box Office Collection

Friends, Samaira is a Marathi film, if you are fond of watching people in Marathi film, then you must watch this film, this film has been released on 26 August 2022 i.e. today and many people have seen this film in theaters. There was a crowd outside for samaira film or it is so good friends have seen their film whether they have not come to the theater and have not seen it, then you can buy tickets and go to the theater, however, now the thing to be seen is whether samaira Marathi film Whether it will be a hit or a flop, stay through it, you are going to know all this information.

Samaira Box Office Collection Day 1

The director of Samaira movie is Rishi Deshpande and the winning actor and actress has done casting in this film, their names are Ketaki Narayan, Ankur Rathee and Satish Pulekar are very good actors and actresses, they have a lot of experience in making films, they have done many films in their career. Have made this film’s lead character play films, have worked very hard with a lot of patience and patient, they have acted in the film and have tried to make this film better.

Samaira First Day Box Office Collection

So let’s know friends, Samaira box office collection day One, Samaira day one box office collection before knowing that what is the budget of this film, the budget of a normal Marathi movie is around ₹10 Crore, it has cost ₹10 Crore to make this film, then it is obvious friends. This film will be very good, how much has been spent in making this film, so let’s now know the box office collection report.

Samaira Box Office Collection First Day

Samaira movie is a Marathi movie which is going to be released on 26 August 2022, the director of the film is Rishi Deshpande and his box office collection is Rs 2500000. The box office collection of has been very great because you guys have liked it a lot, so or the film will earn more in the coming time but where you can not go now, will this film be a hit or a flop, you will have to wait for this. Thanks a lot guys for reading the article

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