Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Update | Rajjo 13th February 2023 Episode Update

Arjun orders the servants to remove the platform so that they may investigate the source of the noise while Pushkar perspires.

The family is surprised to see Manorama tied up and under the platform with her mouth gagged with a cloth, and the staff follow orders.

As Manorama’s rag is taken out of her mouth and given nursing care, Rajjo runs to her mother and sobs in pain.

Since Rajjo was speaking the truth regarding the automobile accident and the Magar Taal as well, Arjun should have a look at what Pushkar has done to her mother and decide whether or not to trust her.

Jhilmil steps forwards and informs Arjun that Rajjo and Manorama are scheming to lure in a wealthy and well-known man like Pushkar.

Arjun asks Rajjo how he can believe her when she continually lies to him and deceives him as she returns to stand in front of him.

She is informed by Arjun that she was aware of her mother’s location and continued to display anxiety that Manorama would trick him.

Rajjo declares to Arjun that she has had enough and that he coerced her into participating since he did not believe anything she had to say.

Will Arjun support Rajjo despite the lack of supporting proof, or may this incident potentially end their relationship?

What will Madhu and Pushkar do to prevent the truth from being revealed?

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