Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Written Update | Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Episode Update

Radha observing Kaveri and the others as they struggled.

Kadambari then prompts her to be truthful once more.

Everyone is shocked when Radha admits to putting the chilli to Damini’s spaghetti because no one was expecting her admission.

When Damini has a chance to accuse Radha, she claims that although she appears to be innocent on the surface, Radha is actually a wicked person.

Radha asks Damini if she agrees that someone who does such an act is wicked in her opinion.

Damini, Kaveri, and Ketki all adamantly concur.

When Radha shows Damini the footage of her attempting to add a chilli to her Kheer, she pulls out her phone.

While Kaveri compliments Radha, noting that she has changed from being dimwitted to sharp-witted, Damini expresses confusion.

Additionally, Mohan watches the footage that shows Damini in the act.

Radha is warned by Kadambari not to descend to Damini’s level in the future when Damini is shamed for resorting to such tactics.

Will Mohan correct his error in judging Damini or will he give her praise?

What will Damini do to get revenge on Radha, who is now a complete brain (deemag aadha)?

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