Parineeti 19th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 19th February 2023 Written Update begins with:

Rajeev entered Gurinder’s room quickly and with fiery eyes.

He scolds Gurinder for assuming he will leave Neeti since she is no longer capable of becoming a mother.

Gurinder responds by saying that Rajeev’s child must be the heir who would continue her lineage.

Gurinder says he needs to toss Neeti away because she can’t grant this dream, and Rajeev connects his hands in anger.

When Gurinder rolls her eyes, Rajeev growls angrily that he won’t fall for Gurinder’s trap once more and walks away from the scene.

Gurinder’s remarks continue to reverberate in Neeti’s head as she shuts herself in the room and sobs.

She tells herself that because she let Rajeev down, she no longer has a right to live.

On the other side, the entire Bajwa family begins pleading with Neeti to open the door as they begin to knock.

Rajeev and Monty are surprised to see Neeti gash her wrist with the knife when they burst down the door.

Will Pari step up to save Neeti’s life and act as the baby’s surrogate mother as a favour?

Would Rajeev beg Pari to be the surrogate mother as a result of Gurinder’s obstinate wish?

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