Meet 19th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th February 2023 Written Update begins with:

When everyone has gathered, they meet and declare the game they will play.

While Meet gives a brief explanation of the game’s rules to everyone, Sarkar and Yashoda enter as the first pair to demonstrate their chemistry.

Direct eye contact must be made between the pair while they sit on two chairs facing one another.

The winner between the two of them will be the one who can hold still the longest while keeping their eyes open.

During a moment of intense eye contact between Sarkar and Yashoda, Meet and Manmeet begin to play the game jointly.

Manmeet looks into Meet’s eyes and realises that they are filled with glimmers of optimism, which makes him feel a little restless.

The ladies offer drinks to everyone after the game, which gives Meet the inspiration to carry out her plan.

Manmeet’s drink is spiked by Meet so that he is unable to leave the house, and Meet signs the land documents so that Meet may begin building the factory.

But, Meet claims that he doesn’t believe Meet and instructs her to consume the booze first to establish that nothing has been added.

Will Meet consume that poisoned beverage to support her claim?

How would Meet covertly obtain Manmeet’s signature on those documents?

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