[15 Cr.] LIGER Movie Box Office Collection Day 1, Opening Day, Day Wise, Report

LIGER Movie Box Office Collection Day 1: Liger Tamil Movie which has been released on this day, people can go and watch this movie in theaters now. Liger movie is released on 25 august 2022 Liger movie has done very well in the first day of box office collection because it cost about 125 crores to make Liger movie so when it cost so much to make this movie If yes, then this film is obviously a very good thing, even if this film has earned very well, it has earned crores, keep reading the article further, you will know. Ever since the release of Liger movie, it has created panic in the theaters, only the crowd is crowded, in such a situation, when the film performs well or the film is being discussed a lot, then after that people have to know that Liger How much did the movie earn in its Box Office Collection Day 1 i.e. Liger Movie Box Office Collection Day 1 How was Liger Movie Day 1 Box Office Collection Liger Movie is releasing in Hindi and Telugu language.

Day WiseBox office Collection
Day 1 [1st Thursday]₹15.00 Cr
Total₹15.00 Cr

LIGER Box Office Collection Day 1

Sadly we have to say that Liger movie Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, kannada and Bengali release is not happening at the moment because the director of this film has decided to release it in only two languages, maybe in future Liger movie will be dubbed in other languages ​​till then we have some Can’t say you have to wait, for those who know Hindi and Tamil language, this film is going to be very good for them or they will enjoy watching it, then friends, stay under our article, in this article you will get all the information. Liger Movie Box Office Collection on first day, Liger movie first day box office collection.

Liger movie box office collection day 1, liger movie day 1 box office collection

LIGER Day 1 Box Office Collection

Thank you very much for visiting our website entertainmentarea. Now that you have come to this website, then you must want to know that Liger Movie Box Office Collection Day One, Liger Movie Day One Box Office Collection will not talk much and come straight to the issue and tell you that Liger Movie has How much did the box office collection earn in the first day? As you know, it has been claimed that crores of rupees have been spent in making Liger movie, yes friends, there is an expenditure of 1.25 crore rupees or a huge amount, then it is obvious that the film will cost more money to make that film.

LIGER Movie Box Office Collection Day 1

How much will be the box office collection of you think if it is very much then how much did Liger 2022 film earn, then Liger movie earned ₹ 15,000,000 in its first day box office collection Liger movie earned 25 crores in its first day box office collection, Liger We are telling you all the information related to the movie by collecting it from social media, we do not have any right over it, we have not taken any contract for it, so let us tell you in advance that whatever information we give you through this website. Collected from all social media platforms.

LIGER Movie Day 1 Box Office Collection

Liger movie has been released on 25 August 2022 is released in theaters, this film has been set on fire. Millions of people stood outside the theater to watch this film, have earned so well in a film, what has been heard through box office collection You will be stunned because it has cost 150 crore rupees to make this film, that’s why or you will also like it because the film which costs more than 100 crores to make, people like the film very much. Friends, in this article we are going to know Liger Movie Box Office Collection Day 1, Liger Movie Day 1 Box Office Collection Two or before going let’s know some more things about Liger Movie 2022, the director who made Tamil Movie Liger his The name is Puri Jagannath, this is a very good actor, in his life, he has made many such films, which people have liked very much, he has also shown a lot of love to the film and has worked hard to make the film so much to make the director.

LIGER Opening Day Box Office Collection

It is obvious that the film will be very good and the box On the 1st day of office collection, that film will work well, go ahead and friends are the producers of Liger Movie was Karan Johar, Puri, Jagannath, Apoorva Mehta, etc. Who has cast in Liger Movie, their name is Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Pandey, Ronit Roy Vishnu Ready, etc. Liger Movie The actor and actress who played the lead role in this is very popular among the people, he has a huge fan following on social media, people love him very much, he has made many films in the past, which has proved to be a hit. I earn a lot of money in the box office collection, hope that this film which has been released recently i.e. Liger Movie or even then the box office collection would have earned crores of rupees in the first day is it obvious or the film will earn well.

LIGER Total Box Office Collection

Liger Movie Episode is action movie. If you like sports and action movies, then you can definitely comment on this film. Seeing this film, you will not be disappointed at all or the actor and actress I have worked with, they have worked very hard. In making Sim, he has tried his whole life to make this film in a good way. If you want to watch Liger movie then you have to go to theater and watch this movie because this movie is not releasing on any OTT platform. The company for which Liger movie is made is Dharma Productions and Puri Connects. Liger movie is going to be of 2 hours i.e. during 2 hours of about 140 minutes, you will not feel like this film is wasting your time, this film has been made in such a way, will the film win your heart enough for a film It has been made by hard work, you will feel very happy if you watch this film.

LIGER Box Office Collection Report

You will definitely take the time to go to the theater and watch Liger tamil film, or you will like it very much, this film is being released in Hindi and Telugu language, hope you all Languages ​​like Hindi English Telugu Tamil Malayalam Kannada Bengali will have a dubbed release in all languages, Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Pandey’s upcoming new film Liger 2022 Tamil film is going to prove to be very good, this film will win the hearts of the people. Liger Movie Box Office Collection Day One, Liger Movie Day One Box Office Collection This movie has earned very well through box office collection We have told you that you must watch this movie This movie is very good movie.

LIGER Movie Box Office Collection Day 1 Trailer In Hindi

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