Katha Ankahee 14th February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 14th February 2023 Written Update | Katha Ankahee 14th February 2023 Episode Update

Viaan telling Ehsan not to mess with Katha as she is a single mother and deserves the utmost care and love.

Ehsan looks at Viaan weirdly and questions him if he doesn’t think that Ehsan can provide love to Katha.

Getting angry the next moment, Ehsan lets Viaan know that his possessiveness regarding Katha will ruin their professional ties as well as friendship, so he should just let it go.

At Garewal House, Reet admonishes Yuvraj and asks him if he gets happy being humiliated by Kailash almost every day.

Unable to bear the nonsensical complaints of Reet, Yuvraj walks out and holds someone’s hand in his car, saying he has a father who never gets happy with him and a wife who just knows how to complain even if you treat her as the Queen.

Reet’s senseless complaints drive Yuvraj away, and he exits the room while holding someone’s hand in his car, complaining that his father never expresses happiness towards him and that his wife always finds a way to complain even though she is treated like the Queen.

Aarav tells Katha that he wants her to meet Robin as she is picking him up from his karate lesson in the meanwhile.

Aarav is questioned by Katha about Robin while Viaan simply passes them by.

Will Aarav create Viaan and Katha in a fresh fashion that could offer them a fresh start as well?

Is Yuvraj having an affair and cheating on Reet?

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