Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Update

Atharva enters Imlie’s room, which is occupied by Rupali, Sundar, and Arpita.

Imlie, on the other hand, does not notice him since her back is to him.

Rupali grins and excuses herself, along with Arpita and Sundar, who are just now hoping for Imlie and Atharva to stop being in denial and start enjoying their married life.

Atharva murmurs Imlie’s name, and finally admits to being in love with her and unable to live without her.

As Imlie sees the sincerity in Atharva’s gaze, she turns around with a stunned face and tears in her eyes.

Imlie takes Atharva’s hand in hers and begins to take ‘pheras,’ adding that they will write their own vows.

She begins her first vow by promising that they will respect one other in all circumstances and that they will never drift apart.

Then, she finds someone seated behind her who introduces himself as Dhairya.

Is Imlie actually marrying Atharva, or is she fantasizing about her perfect wedding?

Is Dhairya a fresh villain or was he sent by Cheeni?

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