DOBAARAA Day 10 Box Office Collection, Day Wise, Report

DOBAARAA Day 10 Box Office Collection: Hello friends, how are you guys, I welcome you guys to my website entertainment area, we have come again with a new article for you, today we will talk about this article Dobaaraa Box Office Collection Day 10, Dobaaraa Day 10 Box Office Collection. About the report you stay with us tomorrow will give you a lot of information friends Dobaaraa movie was released on 19th August 2022 Many people have seen in theaters and many people are yet to see people who have seen this movie Have seen that the question is coming in his mind that how much did Dobaaraa earn in box office collection day 10.

DayIndia net collection
Day 1 [1st friday]₹ 0.72 crore
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 1.02 crore
Day 3 [First Sunday]₹ 1.24 crore
Day 4 [First Monday]₹ 0.49 Cr *Approx
Day 5 [1st Tuesday]₹0.48 Cr *Approx
Day 6 [1st Wednesday]₹ 0.49 Cr *Approx
Day 7 [1st Thursday]₹0.30 Cr *Estimated
Day 8 [1st Friday]₹0.19 Cr *Estimated
Day 9 [1st Saturday]₹0.12 Cr *Estimated
Day 10 [1st Sunday]₹0.8 Cr *Estimated
DOBAARAA Day 10 Box Office Collection

So friends, let us tell you guys that Dobaaraa movie has earned well in its 10th day box office collection. We will know about this in detail, till then we know some more important information related to this film, do not waste much time and move forward.

DOBAARAA Box Office Collection Day 10

Dobaaraa very famous Hindi film actress Taapsee Pannu has worked in this film i.e. she has played the lead role, she is a very good actor, she has made many such films which have acted very well, in such a situation the question comes whether it is The film will hit the box office collection, the total box office collection report will come out, it has been released just a few days ago and wait, now you do not waste much time and know again movie date 10 box office collection again movie has made its servants How much did Dobaaraa earn in the day’s box office collection, Dobaaraa movie box office collection in the day ten.

DOBAARAA Day 10 Box Office Collection

This friends know that how much the movie earned in Dobaaraa 10th day of its box office collection, then friends tell you Dobaaraa that he has also earned ₹500000 in his teeth in the box office collection of the day, where friends today Dobaaraa in the box office of the movie. There has been a decline in the office collection, it is a matter of great embarrassment for this film but never mind, every film in the world is not a hit, although this film has been very good, many people have liked you and this film is very good.

DOBAARAA Day Wise Box Office Collection Report

If the response has been shown or the film was released in the box office collection, then crores of people had booked tickets in the theater to see this film, Taapsee Pannu has played the lead role in this film and she has acted very well to the people watching the film. Will like the movie very much and hope this movie is a hit because a bollywood movies and bollywood movies are way better friends we have provided 30 employees information that Dobaaraa movie box office collection day 10, Dobaaraa Day 10 box office collection report and we will ask you again sometime See you tomorrow.

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