BROKEN WINGS Box Office Collection Day 1, Report, Budget

BROKEN WINGS Box Office Collection Day 1: We welcome all of you very much, in this website entertainment area, our website provides you all the information about upcoming new film Broken Wings budget box office collection, cast release date etc., that’s why we will definitely visit the website again. Today we are going to talk about the film Broken Wings, that is the film which is going to be released on 26th August, it is a very good film and the special thing about this film is that it is a Nepali film, you can watch this film as a part of this film.

Day WiseBox Office Collection
Day 1 [First Day]Rs. 0.25 Cr.
TotalRs. 0.25 Cr.

BROKEN WINGS Day 1 Box Office Collection

You can lift the movie today or tomorrow, the film has been released and this film has also become available for people to watch and the box office collection report of this film has also reached us, which we will give you this information. Aata’s perspective is going to tell that the director Shenpenn Khymsar is going to know the information of the Broken Wings Day 1 Box office Collection, Broken Wings Box Office Collection Day 1, Broken Wings Box Office Collection Report.

BROKEN WINGS Box Office Collection Day 1

This is a very good director, he has made many such films, which people have liked very much, you will like this film. Must watch so that you can know that Nepali Phil How is it, if you have never seen a Nepali film before, then let me tell you that Nepali film is very good and people like it very much, you see this film, there is a recommendation from my side.

BROKEN WINGS First Day Box Office Collection

Talking about the lead character of Broken Wings movie, Endo Mrinal, Sunakshi Grover, Vinay Pathak and Neetu Pandey are working in this film with all these characters, let me tell you that he is a very good character, he has done many films in his career. Made which people have liked a lot, you will also like the film, although friends.

BROKEN WINGS Box Office Collection First Day

The budget of this film has been very tight, it has been only around 5 to 6 crore rupees, not much was spent in making this film because it is not before Films used to be Hindi films, the budget of this film is very high, it is only above 15 to 20 crores, well it is not a Nepali film, Nepali films are good, you can see Broken Wings box office collection have earned 2500000 rupees in a day You are absolutely right friends.

BROKEN WINGS Box Office Collection Report

Broken Wings Nepali Movie has earned 250000 rupees in the first day of its box office collection It is a matter of pride that a Nepali film has earned such a good box office collection Now to watch The thing is whether this film will be a hit or a flop or a . Along with us, we will know. Thank you for reading by staying in friends.

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